Gitpod is a Ready-to-Code development platform which allow users to quickly contribute on projects. This platform is powered by VS-Code online.

GitOps is now a standard approach to manage applications and infrastructure delivery. Gitpod is very usefull for that, because you can offer to anyone a Ready-to-Use platform to administrate and contribute.

Gitpod simplifying project startup ! All the tools you use will be available in the VS-Code terminal.

Here, i will share my experience with Gitpod to administrate and contribute on Kubernetes projects.


  • Gitpod account on (Or self-hosted instance)
  • Gitlab / Github account (or private Git server)
  • Working Kubernetes cluster
  • A web browser !
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Minio is a cloud native open-source object storage solution (S3 compatible). Here, you can found some usefull commands to administrate your Minio instance.

Start ‘mc’ command by using Docker command :

# docker run -it --rm -entrypoint=/bin/sh minio/mc:<TAG>
docker run -it --rm -entrypoint=/bin/sh minio/mc:RELEASE.2019-09-11T19-53-16Z

Warning : Be careful when you choose minio/mc tag. Please, choose tag timestamp equal to the minio server.

Login to minio instance :

mc config host add minio admin <YOUR-SECRET-KEY>
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PAC Manager is a great multi-protocol connections manager. I use this software for a very very long time but unfortunately, it stuck at startup when we use SSH protocol under Deepin 15.5…

# Go in a tmp folder
cd $(mktemp -d)

# Update and install dependencies
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-dev libpango1.0-dev libvte-dev libvte-2.91-dev dh-make-perl libgtk2.0-dev 

# Extract and build gnome2 dependencies
sudo cpan -i ExtUtils::Depends
sudo cpan -i ExtUtils::PkgConfig
sudo dh-make-perl --cpan Gnome2::Vte --build

# Install gnome2 vte dependencies
sudo dpkg -i libgnome2-vte*.deb

# RM vte lib in opt folder if finded !
sudo find /opt/pac/ -name "*" -exec rm {} +

Now, you can use SSH connections with PAC Manager and play with your servers !